17th Biennale of Sydney
  • Daniel Crooks, Static No.12 (seek stillness in movement), 2009–10 Detail of HD video (RED transferred to Blu-ray), dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery. Copyright © Daniel Crooks 2009
  • Kutlug Ataman, Mesopotamian Dramaturgies / Journey to the Moon, 2009 (detail), still photography, 31 x 41 cm. Courtesy of Francesca Minini, Milan and the artist
  • Lara Baladi, Perfumes & Bazaar, The Garden of Allah, 2006 (detail), digital collage, 560 x 248 cm, technical production and printing, Factum Arte, Madrid. Courtesy the artist. Copyright Lara Baladi
  • Kataryzana Kozyra, Summertale, 2008 (detail), DVD production still, 20 mins, prod. Zacheta National Gallery of Art Copyright artist, courtesy ZAK I BRANICKA Gallery. Photograph: M. Olivia Soto
  • Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, Manet’s Dejeuner sur I’herbe 1862 1863 and the Thai villagers group II, 2008-09 (detail), from ‘The Two Planets Series’, photograph and video, 110 x 100 cm; 16 mins. Courtesy the artist and 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok
  • Cai Guo-Qiang, Inopportune: Stage One, 2004 (detail), nine cars and sequenced multichannel light tubes, dimensions variable. Collection of Seattle Art Museum, Gift of Robert M. Arnold, in honour of the 75th Anniversary of the Seattle Art Museum, 2006, installation view at MASS MoCA, North Adams, 2004. Courtesy Cai Studio. Photograph: Hiro Ihara
  • Kent Monkman, The Death of Adonis, 2009 (detail), acrylic on canvas, 182.9 x 304.8 cm. Courtesy the artist and TrépanierBaer Gallery, Calgary
  • Christopher Pease, Law of Reflection, 2008–09 (detail), oil on canvas, 123 x 214 cm. Private collection. Courtesy the artist and Goddard de Fiddes, Contemporary Art, Perth. Photograph: Tony Nathan
  • AES+F, The Feast of Trimalchio, 2009 (detail of video still), nine-channel video installation, 19 mins. Courtesy the artists; Triumph Gallery, Moscow; and Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
  • Tsang Kin-Wah, The First Seal – It Would Be Better If You Have Never Been Born…, 2009, digital video projection and sound installation, 6:41 mins, 513 x 513 cm. Courtesy the artist
  • Wang Qingsong, Competition, 2004 (detail), c-print, 170 x 300 cm. Courtesy the artist
  • Mark Wallinger, Hymn, 1997 (detail of video still), video, sound, 4:52 mins, edition of 10 and 1 artist proof. Courtesy Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London


Robyn and Mitchel Martin-Weber


Robyn and Kingsley Mundey


Geoff and Vicki Ainsworth

Ginny and Leslie Green

Robert and Annabelle Hansen

Elizabeth Ramsden


Ari and Lisa Droga


Anthony Bertini and Tracey Steggall

Natalia Bradshaw

Martin Browne and Alexander Gasko

Richard and Annie Campbell

Anne-Marie Casey and Odetta Medich

Chartwell Trust

Angela Clark

Clitheroe Foundation

Judy and Robin Crawford

Luke Fildes

Rick and Jan Frolich


Giovanna Gromo and Ian Cavit

Julian and Stephanie Grose

Stephanie and Ian Hardy

Greg and Mardi Hargrave

Amanda Harkness

Michael Hawker AM and Jill Hawker

Simon and Jane Hayman

Dr Ian Hill and Morna Seres

Christopher Hodges and Helen Eager

Debra Jensen and Geoff Cohen

David and Angela Kent

Julian and Lizanne Knights

Colin and Elizabeth Laverty

Marita Leuver and Sylvia Weimer

Walter and Elizabeth Lewin 

Memocorp Australia Pty Ltd

Mark and Louise Nelson

Dr Clinton Ng

Jon Nicholson and Jennifer Stafford

Lisa and Egil Paulsen

Dr Dick Quan and John McGrath

John Sharpe and Claire Armstrong

Sherman Foundation

David Simpson and Nicky Symonds

Robert and Vassily Skinner

Ezekiel Solomon AM

Miriam and Les Stein

Thames & Hudson Australia

Tolarno Galleries

Rachel Verghis

Dr Michael Welch

Ray Wilson OAM and James Agapitos OAM

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